Tinkering Lab

Tinkering Lab refers to a space where kids can experiment, learn, get a hands-on experience, tinker with technology, break and create, to develop a scientific temperament among the participants and gauge their interests before they step-out into the professional world. The tinkering labs set-up by Steam Labs consists of various next-gen tools like 3D Printers, DIY Kits, Mechanical & Electrical Tools, Electronic Prototyping Tools and Sensors to give the kids an edge on their contemporaries. Our Mentors and Coaches are equipped to provide the necessary expertise required in an ever-demanding and innovation conducing environment. We provide end to end support ensuring perfect execution of Tinkering Labs and Activities conducted in them.

  • Equipments


    From 3D printer to Robotics, Mechanical Tools to Electronic Components, DIY Kits to Consumables. We offer a plethora of Tinkering Lab Equipments

  • Workshops


    Curated Workshops on a range of Topics such as Design Thinking, Prototyping, Innovative Problem Solving, Drones, Cloud Computing, IOT & Smart Devices

  • Training the Trainer

    Training the Trainer

    Workshop for the educators which enables them to handle all tools, activities & challenges in day to day running of the Tinkering Lab

  • Curriculum


    Custom curriculum to suit the needs of different age groups for tinkering & innovation

  • Mentorship


    Mentorship from the experts in the industry and Star Makers, who define the meaning of tinkering

  • Support


    Hardware to Software Solutions, Preparation for International Competitions to Advanced Prototyping

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