Our Team


Harkrishan SinghMaker Evangelist

Founder of STEAM Labs, Harkrishan hails from the small town of Varanasi that brings with it a certain ingenuity towards solving real world problems. Having worked at IBM, he was looking for the next big thing to satisfy his curiosity which led Harkrishan to start up. He has since been working towards solving India's technology education problem.

Harkrishan Singh


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Rajni Arora Jaiswal


Arts & My Kids

Rajni Arora JaiswalMaker Evangelist & DIY Enthusiast

Creative from a very early age, She has alway been interested in arts & crafts. Rajni is a homemaker and mother to two wonderful children, a boy and a girl. She has experience in teaching elementary school children and in running a play school.

Anannya JaiswalStudent Ambassador

Chatterbox, inquisitive, curious, creative, multi-tasker are just some of the words that describe Annanya. A 7th Standard student in St. Xavier’s High School, Gurgaon, Annanya has an uncanny ability to rapidly grasp concepts. She been awarded the Scholar Award at her school.