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STEAM Labs, where STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Maths to represent the multi-disciplinary approach involved in innovation, was co-founded by Dhruv and Harkrishan in January, 2017 with a thought to bring back the garage culture where kids are not hesitant to work with their own hands, to build and manufacture the products of their dreams, where breaking is not looked down upon but an opportunity to build something better.  

STEAM Labs has a singular goal to be a leader of the ongoing transformation of educational practices in India. We take a community focused approach to foster team based learning and to inculcate a culture of curiosity. Our focus is on promoting a hands-on approach towards electronics and hardware with an emphasis on learning through practical experimentation.

STEAM Labs works closely with schools, colleges, children of all ages and makers of all shapes and sizes to inspire them to make to find solutions to problems our society faces today.

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