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Internship at STEAM Labs

I had a month vacation and was searching for internship and projects to get involved. From few makerspaces that were responsive and gave a positive reply, I chose STEAM Labs as my first workplace for internship.

Not just they asked me to select my own project but it also gave me a feel like they are interested in my growth as an engineer. So as I was asked, I walked in with few ideas that I had and after some discussion we opt down to one.

The very next day of my internship I accompanied with companies co-founders to Digi-Fest, Rajasthan for an exhibition. I enjoyed the time and also got the sense of how corporate world works. After the trip I started two more projects based on POV (persistence of vision) and an electric-air hockey scoreboard. During this process I learned 3-D Designing and no matter how perfect you make things, there’s always some flaw which troubles in the end.

I met a great friend and the person who knew how to portray my ideas into the real world and that was the co-founder of the company I was interning for. It made me notice the steps I was skipping this whole time and probably the reason for which I failed a few times earlier in the projects. In my internship period he treated me no different than a family member and helped with all the difficulties I had during my project whether it was tech or non-tech.

There are only few people who ever invest their time in your personal growth and I think I found a great guy. On the last day due to shortage of time I was not able to assemble the scoreboard and my POV was yet to programmed though it’s circuitry was completed and my UAV model was left to be modelled because I didn’t get the material. Even after considering all these things he asked me when was I coming back. I think on the last day and on his last statement gave me confidence that there may be failures in life but still there is a lot to learn from your mistakes.

I am very thankful to STEAM labs for having faith in me and special thanks for Harkrishan Ji for giving me the confidence which I thought I had lost.

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B Krishnan Iyer

B Krishnan Iyer

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