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What’s a Makerspace? Is it a Community for Makers.

A Makerspace is a place where people get together to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of high tech to no tech tools and materials. Makerspace might focus on Electronics, Robotics, Woodworking, Sewing, Laser Cutting, Programming or Some combination of all.  It’s more about creating a maker mind set of creating something out of nothing and exploring your interest or passion and inspiring others to make and follow their passion. Most of the Makerspace are Community Driven.




Is there any specific requirement to be called Makerspace?

Paper circuit DIY

Makerspace is come in various shape and size, but they all serve as rally point for Tools, Projects, Mentors and Expertise.

“A collection of tools doesn’t define a Makerspace, rather we define it by what it enables: Making “

So, making can be anything. For example, it can be Painting, Sketching, Designing your gadgets, Woodworking etc. Its about making and inspiring others.


For whom all this Makerspaces are meant to be?

Makerspaces are open to kids, adults and entrepreneurs and had a variety of maker tools like 3D Printer, Laser Cutter, CNC Machine, Soldering Iron and even Sewing Machine. However, a Makerspace is not required to have all this. If you have a cardboard, Lego’s and few Art supplies, you are still in business.


Makerspaces are taking everything by storm with their DIY Education models. Do It Yourself (DIY). These spaces are also helping to upgrade their skills with 21st century model of learning in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art’s and Maths.

Makerspaces are also fostering Entrepreneurship and are being host to Start-ups as accelerator and incubator.


So, what you do in Makerspace?

Paper CircuitThe answer is simple, you make thing. Things that you are curious about. Things that you have only imagine by now…something which inspire and you admire them. The informal environment of Makerspace lets you unfold to learn and show your creativity with stuffs. Making rather than consuming is the focus. It is craft, engineering, technology and wonder-driven.

People collaborate, share there knowledge and also help each other make ideas real.  Lot of Makerspaces have co-working space also included which follows a great community.

Makerspaces are of various kind and shape with regards to there objective of domain to worked upon. School and colleges have a total different Makerspaces.


Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh

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